What Happened Was Better Than My Expectations!

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What's Happened Was Better Than My Expectations...

When a student wishes to join our STORM leadership team, he or she must give a speech to the existing team members. Here's Pranav's:

"I've been in taekwondo for over a year and it's changed me differently than I thought it would. I thought I was going to be a taekwondo master or something. I also though Jackie Chan and Kung Fu Panda were going to be my best friends.

"What happened was actually better than my expectations.

"Sure, I grew stronger physically, but I also became a lot stronger mentally. Over time, I grew to be more responsible and respectful. I became a better person altogether.

"Taekwondo was epic already but when I learned about the STORM Team I knew I belonged because I would love to learn how to be a better role model and leader."

We're super pumped to have Pranav join our STORM Team and become an even better role model and leader than he already is!

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