My Journey to Becoming a Black Belt - by Marlei F.

Kids Martial Arts in Richmond - Fort Bend Taekwondo

---- Students who are testing for the rank of black belt must submit an essay on what it means to them to become a black belt in taekwondo. This is Marlei’s essay. ---- 


On my journey to becoming a black belt, I remember one of my first classes. I said to my dad in the car if I ever fail or mess up at a testing I would want to quit forever, and now looking back, I have learned so much I never want to quit. 

My favorite part about taekwondo is learning and working to reach my goals. I also love STORM (Special Team of Role Models) Team. Learning is something that we all have to do or go thru in life, because we learn from our mistakes. And you can’t let your emotions get to you when you make a mistake, you just have to keep working and improving. And that’s one of the most important things I’ve learned here.

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