Fort Bend Taekwondo Reviews

  • Holli R, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    We really love this place. Both of our boys are 7 and 10 have been going a little over a year. They have been taught so much about the art of Taekwondo but also their Tenets: Integrity, courtesy, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit. My sons think more now before reacting. Coach Carol knows each student and knows what helps them keep going and trying harder. She reminds them they CAN do anything if they believe it. We look forward to many more classes and watching our boys grow and work towards their black belts. I would also like to add that her support staff is always very friendly and helpful. another big plus.

    Holli R
  • Julie R, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    Our kids have only been working with the amazing staff at Fort Bend Tae Kwon Do for two months. With each class, I am increasingly impressed with the supportive environment that is created by this group. Our children have each shown increased confidence and motivation. They look forward to going to class and continue practicing on their own when they get home. The structure and ability to achieve a new goal each week helps them stay focused. This ability to set a goal and work to achieve it is an invaluable life lesson. This is a direct reflection of the dedication, consistency, and positivity of the staff.

    Julie R
  • Jennie C, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    I highly recommend Fort Bend Taekwondo. It offers an outstanding program that teaches more than just Taekwondo; both my children have received quality instruction. The eldest has really matured and become much more self confident, my younger child has also matured and started to show more self-control. Both have learned some amazing skills and I am proud of their progress.

    Being part of Fort Bend Taekwondo is being part of a family. Carol Chapman and the senior staff are genuinely super friendly and caring. They know all the children and families, greet you by name. Carol is absolutely awesome with the students; she knows exactly how to bring out the best in them and how to deal with them regardless of ability, temperament or needs. It isn’t “easy” the kids are expected to work hard to earn their achievements; this is done through expert support, encouragement, nurturing and tutelage. The end result is your child is super proud of themselves learning skills in a fun way with a great work out.

    Jennie C
  • Allison S, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    Fort Bend Taekwondo has be the catalyst for setting up my son for success in life. He set his first major goal here at age 10. He wanted to be a black belt. While this seemed like something way in the future compared to his short 10 years, the goal is now in sight as he just received his first degree probationary black belt at age 12. However, it's what he's learned along the way that has kept him pursuing this goal and it has seeped into all aspects of his life. Carol Chapman and the Fort Bend Taekwondo staff have been encouraging, supportive, yet expectant. They got to know my son and his strengths, weaknesses, and spirit. They have pushed him exactly when he needs it, taught him to persevere, and to never ever give up. He also has been taught about using self control, having integrity, and displaying respect. All of this is displayed in Taekwondo class and tournaments, but also at home, school, and pretty much everywhere we go. He may not always handle every situation right, but he will always reference self control, respect, or never giving up when he discusses how he could have acted differently. He has also learned about failure and learning from it. That is life. If we can't teach kids that it's ok to fail, how to learn from it, and to keep going and try again then what kind of adult are we creating? I will be forever grateful we found Fort Bend Taekwondo. They truly care about making students the best version of themselves possible, incorporating their families into the process, all while having FUN!

    Allison S
  • Roni M, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    I was skeptical at first in fear my kiddo would think it was ok to karate chop his friends! Carol Chapman took her time to talk to me about the benefits of Teakwondo in a child's life. The patience and discipline that has been taught to our son has proven to us that we must be in taekwondo! The entire team is so fantastic! Really exceptional role models for our kiddo! Our son really is learning a lot and truly enjoying it along the way! His confidence is being built by their exceptional teaching skills & all his hard work! They are our friends not just instructors! Can't believed we almost past up on this life altering opportunity! 😊

    Roni M
  • Anna H, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    Mrs. Chapman made our whole group feel comfortable as we tried out TaeKwonDo for the first time. I was impressed stepping foot in the door, a well-equipped, clean, organized studio that was ready and waiting for us! A huge thanks to Carol Chapman and Nora!

    Anna H
  • Teena B, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    My mom and dad wanted me to join Taekwondo, but I was reluctant too. I am sure glad that I listened to my parents and joined Fort Bend Taekwondo. From the moment I walked into Fort Bend Taekwondo, Mrs. Chapman and her staff made me feel comfortable and safe. They welcomed me in and I found myself wanting to learn all the kicks, forms and excercises they Had to teach me. Initially, I was scared and not very confident in myself or my abilities. I didn't believe I had what it takes to do Taekwondo. Mrs. Chapman quickly proved me wrong. With each new form she taught me and new kick I learned, I felt more confident in myself. Not only did I feel myself getting physically stronger, I felt my mind getting stronger too. My mind was becoming more clear and I could focus better. At each class Mrs. Chapman and her staff make learning fun. They are always there to offer help and encouragement. I find myself always wanting to do my best. Fort Bend Taekwondo is a great place to learn new things, build strength, increase confidence and build great friendships. I am so happy to be part of the Fort Bend Taekwondo family. Sincerely, Brianna Bacher

    Teena B
  • Georgiana S, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    Our family is extremely happy with the training classes here. They grow our kids physically and spiritually. They do not only develop physical skills for the kids but also develop your kids focus, respect, self control and well being. My kids love it and therefore I love it! Trainers are exceptional, they take the time to motivate your kid, inspire them and correct them so that they can continuously improve their skills. All the kids that come here look happy and self motivated.

    Georgiana S
  • Maryann W, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    Our eleven-year-old daughter has been a student at Fort Bend Taekwondo for nearly half of her young life. Over the course of that time, she has become stronger both physically and mentally, but we have been most impressed by the growth she has experienced in her character. This strength of character is a direct result of the tenets that are taught at the school and encouraged in everyday life as well. Programs such as regional and national tournaments, anti-bullying and board-breaking clinics, and especially the fantastic A-team for student instructors has strengthened her self-confidence and leadership skills and also developed her character and social skills with other students. But just as importantly, she is having FUN. We are so excited about the upcoming move to a larger space and the continued growth and success of the school. Fort Bend Taekwondo is enthusiastically recommended!

    Maryann W
  • Dana J, Fort Bend Taekwondo Testimonials

    My boys love going to Fort Ben Taekwondo and are always excited to go to their classes. It has a family atmosphere and Ms. Carol the owner/head instructor knows all the students individually. My older son wanted me to quote him saying "Taekwondo is a sport, happiness is a feeling but they merge together perfectly."

    Both tell me that it's not just about the physical exercise, they also love that they feel they can protect themselves and that the tenets help them in all areas of life. They tell me they feel stronger physically but also mentally. My older son even told me about a story where a younger boy was really annoying him and he told him "it's self control that's stopping me from punching you." I've noticed my younger son being a lot more responsible showing more self control as well. It really makes me happy to see that my boys get the same moral code outside of the home to reinforce what we are trying to instill in our boys. Even schools don't seem to do this anymore.

    We are honestly very happy we found Fort Bend Taekwondo. My boys clearly love it and as parents we are thrilled with a place that feels very personal and cozy to us as a family while still showing extreme professionalism and giving our children a great education both in taekwondo as a sport and in the character development that goes with it. Would blindly and very highly recommend it!

    Dana J

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