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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Griselda Vela-Rodas reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son love this place! Mrs. Carol does such a great job teaching the kids confidence, self control and integrity.

Kimberly Holland reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
via Facebook

My daughter is 6 years old and she LOVES attending this program. Mrs. Carol and her team are AWESOME. Not only are the kids learning the art but lessons that help to build character. Also, the facility is NICE; well-kept and spacious.

Christy Schnellhardt reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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Amazing! Best place for increasing a child’s self confidence, perseverance, and self control! Plus they have a blast!

Dana Newman

This is not only a great place to learn Taekwondo but a place the whole family feels welcome! I would highly recommend Fort Bend Taekwondo.

Mallory Thornton reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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My daughter's experience with Taekwondo has been so much deeper than learning Taekwondo itself. Ms. Chapman's program has provided lessons in endurance, responsibility, courage and instructing others. I cannot say enough about the growth I have seen in my daughter in all of these areas. I highly recommend Taekwondo but more specifically recommend the Fort Bend Taekwondo program. Mallory Thornton

Adam Richardson reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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We have two boys at Ft Bend Taekwondo with Coach Carol currently and we all love it there. This is a very family oriented environment from the top down for both the children and the parents. Not only does Coach Carol teach Taekwondo but she teaches the students life lessons and helps them follow and live by the Taekwondo Tenets. our boys have been students for around three years now. It is amazing to see how much they have grown as young men because of Coach Carol and her coaching staff. Ft Bend Taekwondo is also not just about Taekwondo. Coach Carol is always looking for different events to put on or attend as a school for the students AND parents to grow in all ways in their lives. We love this school, Coach Carol and all her supporting staff and always recommend Ft Bend Taekwondo to anyone and everyone. Adam Richardson

Brianna Bacher reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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My mom and dad wanted me to join Taekwondo, but I was reluctant too. I am sure glad that I listened to my parents and joined Fort Bend Taekwondo. From the moment I walked into Fort Bend Taekwondo, Mrs. Chapman and her staff made me feel comfortable and safe. They welcomed me in and I found myself wanting to learn all the kicks, forms and excercises they Had to teach me. Initially, I was scared and not very confident in myself or my abilities. I didn't believe I had what it takes to do Taekwondo. Mrs. Chapman quickly proved me wrong. With each new form she taught me and new kick I learned, I felt more confident in myself. Not only did I feel myself getting physically stronger, I felt my mind getting stronger too. My mind was becoming more clear and I could focus better. At each class Mrs. Chapman and her staff make learning fun. They are always there to offer help and encouragement. I find myself always wanting to do my best. Fort Bend Taekwondo is a great place to learn new things, build strength, increase confidence and build great friendships. I am so happy to be part of the Fort Bend Taekwondo family. Sincerely, Brianna Bacher

Oyuki Morales reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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It's been close to a year that we've been with Mrs. Carol at Fort Bend Taekwondo.Mrs Carol is a wonderful instructor, that makes the classes fun but also teaches the kids discipline. I recommend coming here, it's a wonderful after school activity for our children to invest their time and it teaches self control, and manners while having FUN!

Heather Knitter reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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I absolutely love Fort Bend Taekwondo. The whole crew is amazing. The owner, Carol, is a rock star. Classes are exciting and fun. My son looks forward to class each time. He has gained self-confidence and it is so wonderful to see him feel proud of his accomplishments. This has really helped us, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Carol and her crew. She takes the time to know each student and make them feel welcome. Our family <3's Fort Bend TaeKwonDo!!!!

Cyndi Williams reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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This is a great program, we have seen positive changes in our kids. Mrs. Chapman is amazing, her and all her staff and care so much about every student. We LOVE this program. A++

Allan Webber reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
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Our youngest boy, Patrick, has been going there for 6 months now where he is now a orange belt. He is not sporty and I have been pleased how he has progressed. Initially he was pretty un-cordinated and I have watched him grow in his form and confidence. I was concerned that he would loose interest but the good news is he is still enthusiastic about going. He is making some new friends there.

It is not all work either where there is a fun side to the practices. Most practices end with a game of dodgeball with the ball being thrown by the instructors. Patrick was delighted with getting to be the last one on his birthday and speaking of birthdays, the kids get to break a board on their birthday. (Patrick has his proudly on display in his bedroom).

In addition, Carol runs the occasional Saturday play evening to give the parents a day off. Patrick has attended 2 - one a Nerf party, the other a Pokemon night- and he loved then both.

I am looking forward to the new building which is a bit further away just off the feeder (I live very near today) but it will offer improved parking.

Anna Frederick Henderson reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
via Facebook

Mrs. Chapman made our whole group feel comfortable as we tried out TaeKwonDo for the first time. I was impressed stepping foot in the door, a well-equipped, clean, organized studio that was ready and waiting for us! A huge thanks to Carol Chapman and Nora!

Mathew Abraham reviewed Fort Bend Taekwondo
via Facebook

We love this place. We have a 5 year old who is pretty timid in large group settings. We went to 4 martial arts places in the Katy area. The minute we walked into FBT we knew we'd love it. Everyone was so informative and friendly and were so great with my son and put him right at ease from the minute he walked in. Now he has been a member for about 6 months. He doesn't complain about going, is motivated to practice at home and is totally motivated to win the weekly stripes on his belt. The two things I love the most about the lessons are the importance of discipline and the lessons. I feel like these days our kids have so many distractions and I love that in these lessons the teachers force the kids to focus on what they are doing and the instructions they are giving out. The other thing I really like is that in every class about 5-8 minutes is spent talking about important life skills, memory skills, determination, confidence and so on. Its more than just physical activity, its really a way of life.

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Fort Bend Taekwondo Weekly Update – June 9

For the week of June 10 – 14



On Monday and Tuesday, students have a shot at earning their BLUE stripe:

Skillz – Control

Taekwondo – Technique

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students have a shot at earning their GREEN stripe:

Skillz – Kicking

Taekwondo – Kicks

Forms for this testing cycle

Students will need to memorize the following forms in order to test in August:

Skillz – Chon-Ji or White Belt One-Steps (students will work on learning Chon-Ji in stages appropriate to their belt rank or the white belt one-steps)


White Belts – Ki-Bon

Yellow and Orange Belts – Dan-Gun

All intermediate students (Sr. Orange – Sr. Purple Belts) – Yul-Guk

All advanced students (Blue – Sr. Red Belts) – Choong-Moo

Black belts will learn the form assigned to their rank by Taekwondo America.

All forms and one-step videos can be found on our mobile app under curriculum.




We’ve got a new class schedule going into effect Monday, June 10! Class times can be found on our mobile app. You can download a copy of the schedule here or pick up a hard copy at the front desk.




Our summer mini-sessions for  taekwondo students begin Tuesday, June 11. We’ve got 6 weeks of sessions that will help you improve your taekwondo skills. We’re offering a session on Tuesdays at noon and Fridays at 6:15p. Sign up for one, or all! Info and registration can be found here:{CONTACT-ID}



Celebrate Father’s Day with us during Dads and Dodge Ball at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 15. This is a free event, but you must register ahead of time here:{CONTACT-ID}



Our first summer Parent’s Night Out takes place Saturday, June 15 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Our Parent’s Night Outs, for ages 7 and up, are open to students and their siblings and friends. Our June PNO theme is All About Disney! Details and registration can be found here:{CONTACT-ID}



We’ve got an awesome summer challenge for all of our students! Mrs. Chapman’s developed the 6-week Becoming Extraordinary Challenge. This challenge is available for all students and siblings ages 5 and up and consists of having students set a goal and complete a daily physical activity challenge for 6 weeks.

Students participating in the challenge will receive a colorful workbook to help guide them through goal setting, setbacks, and developing a growth mindset and to keep track of their physical activity.

Students will “check-in” twice with Mrs. Chapman throughout the 6-week challenge so she can provide guidance.

All students who successfully complete the challenge will earn a reward at the end of the 6 weeks!

The challenge begins Monday, June 17. Registration will open Monday, June 10 and is limited to 20 students.

Cost for the challenge is $50.




Orange Belts and Higher Ranks age 10 and older – Join us for the Texas Taekwondo America Regional Summer Camp!


July 19 – 21, 2019

Navarro College, 3200 West 7th Avenue,

Corsicana, TX 75110


This is the HIGHLIGHT of all our summer events – don’t miss out!

Info and register here:



(Dates are subject to change)

August 5-7

October 7-9

December 9-11